Minty Cream Vegan Lit Butter - Lit Lips

Minty Cream Vegan Lit Butter

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Vegan | Paraben-free | Cruelty-free | 100% Clean | Natural Ingredients | Handmade with Love

Say goodbye to chapped, crusty, and cracked lips with our 24h Hydration “Minty Cream” Vegan Lit Butter! Hydrating shea-butter based formula melts on lips upon application to instantly revive dry lips. Comes with a free pink lip applicator. The key to maintaining Smooth, Hydrated, Lit Lips all year. Mint flavoured. Pair with one of our Vegan Litglosses or one of our exfoliating Vegan Lit Scrubs to achieve & maintain soft, supple lips & for a smoother application.

Key Ingredients

  • Made with shea butter as an alternative to beeswax.
  • Peppermint oil 
  • Infused with our special blend of over 7 nourishing antioxidant oils like jojoba oil, castor oil, vitamin e oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter oil, grapeseed oil, aloe oil, and more for ultra hydration & protection.


  • Peppermint oil provides a cool, soothing effect on lips, while stimulating the circulation underneath resulting in plumping. It also heals dry, cracking lips.
  • Melts on lips, locks in moisture, and forms a protective barrier.
  • 24h Hydration, requires minimal re-application!
  • Formulated to revive & moisturize dry, chapped lips and maintain/protect a happy, hydrated, and healthy pout.



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